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Corporate Summary

AdMag Publishing Pte. Ltd. is a publishing company based in Singapore. We create quality solutions for clients across a range of organisations and industries. In the span since AdMag Publishing’s inception customers have come to know us for our attention to details, creative delivery and unique solutions with the handling of their products and publications.


With our combined knowledge and experience of the publishing, design, editorial, print and distribution industries, we are well positioned to implement for our clients the solution that’s right for their needs.


Corporate Culture

With AdMag Publishing, ideas are our most prized assets. We provide creative freedom for our staff to express their thoughts, encourage discussion among members to facilitate fresh perspectives, propose original solutions in the team for any particular undertaking, and exercise giving due appreciation and credit to anyone for their achievements regardless of their position within the company.


AdMag Publishing also strives to be a publicly responsible corporate entity, and we continually aim to support charitable causes through corporate donations.


Corporate Logo

Our corporate logo is the culmination of our corporate culture and our professional approach - it is inspired by a bookmark to symbolise a momento, signifying that the knowledge we gain and pass on in all our work is never at an end while we look forward to the future. The crest is inspired by two hands flipping over a book to symbolise the perpetual desire for us as a company to assimilate knowledge from wherever it may be, achieving due progress and growth with every chapter in our history.


Mission Statement

  • We believe in taking utmost care of the little details.
  • We strive to build a relationship of trust and reliability with our affiliates, business partners, customers and consumers.
  • We will ensure that communications are always kept open, and meet our client’s requests with the best quality in the most efficient manner.


Office: +65 64560488  |  sales@admag.sg

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